Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Stinky Halloween

Hi all,

So, I ended up deciding to be a skunk for halloween. Classy, I know. But hey--you have to take into account a grad student budget, sheer laziness, and reality. I'm no longer in college, and even when I was, I didn't get into the whole super-skanky Halloween thing, so that part was easy. Unfortunately, I'm used to living with other ladies, so this year when I didn't have Aubree helping decide on a theme, and then guiding me towards a costume, I was at a loss. (Aubree is also the reason my apartment has very very white walls, and not much decoration...)
See, museum kids are fun!

Anyways, a few of us first years hung out, then we went over to the house where most of the second years live, which was awesome. Lots of great costumes. Jake had originally suggested I be a Chilean miner, but I was glad I didn't go with that because I wouldn't have been good competition for the guy wearing only an orange vest and looking very mine-dirty..he pulled it off a lot better than I ever could have. Instead, I wore black leggings, a black hoodie (courtesy of Walmart, $12), and got a tail and ears which I decorated with a white stripe. I was actually shocked by the packaging of the ears/tail ensemble--all that were left were kids costume parts, and the 8 year old on the cover was posing a bit seductively for my taste...anyways.

Below are a couple pictures, courtesy of my friend Eva's facebook, one is from the day we went apple picking and bought pumpkins. I hate to admit it, but I never got around to carving my pumpkin this year. Sad. It's still sitting in the backseat of my car, waiting for me to cut it open and bake those seeds. mmmm

Some awesome first years
Eva, Julie and I apple picking!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well, no big news, I just finished interviewing Rebecca for our practice oral history to love those all girls school ladies!

Besides homework, life is pretty much normal, I'm just counting down the days until Jake gets here! Tomorrow's a busy day, class, meetings, assistantship, homework, dog/house sitting..whoo whoo. If anyone has an idea for my Halloween costume, PLEASE let me know! There's a party on Friday and I've got NO idea what to be...

That's about it for now, sorry I don't have anything more interesting to report!


UPDATE: I've decided to be a skunk. Pictures to come...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Month Later

Hi All,

Sorry it's been so long, talk about a busy month. First, my friend had to go to the hospital which led to a bit of a tumultuous week, then two presentations and reviews due, school school school then this week my class and I went to Boston with our material cultures professor.

Boston was great--Met up with my college friend Pat, and had a great time catching up with him. It's crazy how no matter how not-often you talk to good friends, seeing them again is just like you saw them hours before. I guess that's how good friendships work...

Matt (Fellow CGP-er), me, and Pat

Other than seeing Pat, I got to visit the USS Constitution with our class, meet the previous president of the American Association of Museums (AAM) Carl Nold, and meet other various museum professionals. Of course, at the luncheon with Mr. Nold, I sat next to him and my stomach growled the whole time, welcome to my life!

The only other big news is that my parents got a new dog which I'm DYING to see...they decided on the name Roxy (though I think they should spell it Roxie), and she is absolutely adorable. Here are some pictures my mom sent to me last week:

It's almost like they have a new child...haha

That's all for now, enjoy the pictures, and I'm going to go crawl into bed and watch The Mentalist on tv before I fall asleep and head to work again in the morning. Oh, and I need to re-stock my kitchen tomorrow, ugh.