Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Month Later

Hi All,

Sorry it's been so long, talk about a busy month. First, my friend had to go to the hospital which led to a bit of a tumultuous week, then two presentations and reviews due, school school school then this week my class and I went to Boston with our material cultures professor.

Boston was great--Met up with my college friend Pat, and had a great time catching up with him. It's crazy how no matter how not-often you talk to good friends, seeing them again is just like you saw them hours before. I guess that's how good friendships work...

Matt (Fellow CGP-er), me, and Pat

Other than seeing Pat, I got to visit the USS Constitution with our class, meet the previous president of the American Association of Museums (AAM) Carl Nold, and meet other various museum professionals. Of course, at the luncheon with Mr. Nold, I sat next to him and my stomach growled the whole time, welcome to my life!

The only other big news is that my parents got a new dog which I'm DYING to see...they decided on the name Roxy (though I think they should spell it Roxie), and she is absolutely adorable. Here are some pictures my mom sent to me last week:

It's almost like they have a new child...haha

That's all for now, enjoy the pictures, and I'm going to go crawl into bed and watch The Mentalist on tv before I fall asleep and head to work again in the morning. Oh, and I need to re-stock my kitchen tomorrow, ugh.

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