Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Long Day of Leadership Training

Hi All,

Today was a long one--my class started with a security overview at the Fenimore Art Museum, getting our access cards to the museum and library and all that, then met from 9-5 with a leadership or group consultant that graduated from CGP in the 1970s. He was super interesting, and I learned a lot about leadership techniques, but the day felt really long! The things he talked about were interesting--there was a lot about allowing people to think out the questions you ask before putting them on the spot, and he said introverts were often the most disenfranchised people because, while in meetings and whatever else, the thinking processes are very on-the-spot, and don't allow for time for people to think things out before they volunteer their ideas. For people like myself, this time to think things out and write them down before volunteering is crucial, thus I felt pretty validated when he sang praises of the introverts!

Other than the obligatory leadership training, the day served as a great opportunity for me to meet more of my classmates! It's so strange starting over somewhere so new, but it is convenient that all of us are interested in basically the same things, but it is funny to see how type-A most people here are! Everyone's early to everything, everyone takes copious amounts of notes, and most people seem to strive to take on leadership roles! Speaking of which, yours truly was one of 2 people elected as the Social Coordinator Co-Chairs...It was especially flattering because it was at the end of the day, after we had been talking about leadership qualities, and I beat out a few other people! Ironically (or not), it was me and another sorority alum who were elected...

Anyways, enough for now, I just got back from dinner and a beer with some of my classmates, which was nice, and now I'm off to read and sleep before we head off to the home campus of SUNY Oneonta tomorrow morning! By the way, I'm counting down the HOURS until I can move into my apartment--I'm SO sick of living out of my suitcase!

Until later,

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  1. Judging by the design of your apartment I look forward to hearing about your new amish viewpoints.