Thursday, August 26, 2010

work work work work work

Well, today I both found out about my assistantship AND I got a job--all within two hours! Turns out that all these hours that I feel unproductive aren't the end of the world. Instead, lots of good things happen in short bursts of time...

For my assistantship, I'm working for the collections team at the Iroquois Storage Facility, and will be helping with the cataloguing of a Native American collection which has artifacts from primarily the twenty and twenty-first centuries. Exciting! I'm looking forward to it because it's something I really don't know anything about.

As for the job, I'll be working for Savor New York--the owner of the Bed and Breakfast I'm currently at (only until tomorrow!) owns this store and online company, so she offered me a part-time job. Easiest gig I ever got.

I'm excited about all these things, but am getting a little worried--in addition to all of this I'm overloading with a 1-credit mini course in Museum Leadership. Hopefully, the business will keep me very, very productive. At least that's how it usually works for me...wish me luck.

Tonight, I'm hanging out and packing up before I stuff everything in my car tomorrow morning, and then I get to move in tomorrow evening after 5! AHH! I am SO EXCITED to have a place to go home to (apt 3), my own refrigerator, bed, and bathroom, and simply a place to call my own. The breakfast nook won't hurt me either :)

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