Sunday, August 29, 2010

oh boy

Well, today has been pretty low four chapters in a book called The Craft of Research...exciting stuff. Actually, I have to admit that it was borderline exciting for me, and gave me a few pointers I hadn't thought of recently that may help me develop some thesis ideas.

Other than reading, I went on a run, intent on making it to church on time with my friend Emily, but alas, when we arrived we found out it started an hour earlier than it said on the website. Better luck next time I guess!

So, that was fun, and tonight Emily and I are having some wine and watching Mad Men. There will be some other people downstairs in the other apartment where we might stop in, but I have no idea how the landlords feel about guests, and I'm not trying to make them me respectful?! Ha.

Below are some pictures of the apartment--pretty exciting stuff!

Bedroom toward living room
Breakfast Nook
Living Room
Living Room

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