Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend musings


It's been quite a low-key weekend...I feel like an old woman, but I went to bed by midnight each night this weekend, even though there was a Sugarland (who are they anyway?!) concert here at Double Day field last night. It's been a great weekend too, though. Last night, Rebecca, Emily, and I all made dinner together and then watched The Graduate on TMC. It's interesting eating with Emily, because she's a vegan, so we always know exactly what's in everything, which is actually kind of refreshing!

On another note, I bought a bowl yesterday at the huge craft fair at the Clark Gym grounds. This is the Clark as in the family runs everything in Cooperstown because they were the people that helped start up the Singer sewing machine corporation...we're talking they started the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Fenimore Art Museum's intense.

The Craft Fair 
My new bowl

Anyways, that's about as exciting as my weekend has been. Today, I'm going to a barn sale(?!) with Rebecca, then off to the NYSHA library for more reading, then Mad Men tonight!  Low key, but it's what I'm here for.

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  1. A place with craft fairs?

    Someone is in heaven.....nerd-alert!